Mobile Food Pantries

Mobile Food Pantries supplement monthly food budgets for people who may not have access to traditional food pantries. Visitors to the Mobile Food Pantry can choose from non-perishables, produce, meat, bread, and dairy.

These food pantries are a partnership with the Portland Housing Authority, Portland Community Policing, Avesta Housing, and the South Portland West End Neighborhood Association.

Details: Please bring your own bags. 


Our Mobile Food Pantries are available at the following locations: 
Bayside Anchor / 81 Oxford Street, Portland (across the street) 
1st Thursday of each month, 11 AM
Redbank Village & Brick Hill / 2 Townhouse Road, South Portland
4th Thursday of each month, 12 PM
Washington Gardens / 577 Washington Ave, Portland (end of Pembroke Street) 
2nd Thursday of each month, 10:30 AM
West End / 17 Carleton Street, Portland (parking lot behind)
3rd Thursday of each month, 11 AM