Wayside Food Rescue helps fill shelves of local pantries

Our Food Rescue Program salvages edible food from grocery stores, wholesalers, farms, shipping companies, and other food establishments that is not sellable for cosmetic reasons, packaging imperfections, and/or inventory levels. When donated to Wayside, the food is redirected to 60 soup kitchens, food pantries, and other social service agencies across Southern Maine.  Wayside operates as a hub within a network of existing food distribution organizations.  When these smaller agencies receive donations that exceed their need and/or storage capacity, Wayside facilitates the redistribution to others, reducing waste and duplication of effort.
In 2019, Wayside Food Programs kept 550 tons of food from entering landfills, including 61,000 lbs of donated local produce, dairy, meat and seafood. Most of that food was redirected to economically vulnerable community members across Cumberland County. Wayside also partners with local pig farmers, and employs Garbage to Garden, a curbside compost company, and Agri-Cycle, a food waste collection service that converts packaged food and scraps into bio-gas. 

To support or learn more about Food Rescue:

Contact Don Morrison:, (207) 712-4929.