Dear Friends,

The official start of Spring was on Monday, and even though a "nor'easter” blew through New England last week, it smells like the seasons are about to change. With Spring comes the start of Maine's planting and growing season. This year, it could not come soon enough. Wayside depends on fresh produce to supplement the shelf-stable foods provided through our Food Rescue Program. These donations of fresh produce will be critically important as recent cuts in SNAP benefits have rattled families trying to make ends meet. A recent New York Times article highlighted the burdens shared by so many with the story of a Rumford family and their financial struggles. Even as both parents work full-time, it is increasingly difficult to afford necessities like food and rent.
The trickle-down effects of the higher cost of food and labor mean less food coming through our warehouse, which means less food for our agency and pantry partners to share at a time when families need it most. We are here, doing what we can to support our neighbors as they navigate these challenging times. There are things you can do too! Advocate for fair wages and an increase in the federal SNAP program; check in on neighbors and donate what and when you can.  


Stay in touch!  We’d love to hear how you are navigating these days! 

Mary Zwolinski
Executive Director




How to donate

Donating to Wayside is as easy as using our secure donation form. Donations may also be mailed to Wayside Food Programs at PO Box 1278, Portland, Maine, 04104.

In addition to cash donations, there are a number of innovative ways to contribute, including: Estate planning, which can contribute to Wayside's mission. Employee match programs, where employers match a portion of employee contributions. To learn more about innovative ways of contributing to Wayside, please contact us.