We are in awe...

Dear Friends,
Thank you for reading our 2020 Impact Report. Unline any year I have known, 2020 brought so many profound lessons about patience, sharing, sustaining, grieving, inventing, and forgetting. Many of us have experienced about every emotion imaginable - often with a single day - so much that it sometimes felt exhausting. Amidst it all has been the unexpected joy in reconnecting to our interdependence. Highlighting the way our resilience as individuals and as a community is flourishing has been the theme for Wayside. While we can never forget the hardships many of us faced, you all offered so much generosity and grace to our community through Waside that when we look back on 2020, that is what we celebrate.
In place of reacting to emergencies, people are reaching out in the spirit of trust and cooperation to proactively offer whatever help they can, to ensure that people stay connected. You all shared words of encouragement and support, masked up to volunteer in our warehouse, sewed masks for our community distributions, donated food and funds, and shared essential items like gloves and hand sanitizer. 

More than 30 agencies, cultural groups, and organizations partnered with us to create a new system for sharing groceries with community members throughout the area. These new partnerships will carry our work forward, knitting together a stronger community of neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you for everything you have done for our community this past year.

Happy Spring!

Mary Zwolinski
Executive Director



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